M. Gallo bamboo and fiberglass fly rods

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fiberglass rods

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Fiberglass fly rods of last generation that have a beautiful colour yellow-gold traslucent similar to the bamboo, the finishes and the components of high quality that I use for climbing on these blanks are same of bamboo rods. That blanks ones are built on my in demand specification in a' American factory that produces a limited quantity of these rods and have a quality-price very good .   
Light and strong they are available in four measures and three pieces only , all with  "spigot" ferrule to transmit the best power, have a medium-fast action   and the most greater elasticity typical of this material are  pleasant for fishing.  
Available also in brown traslucent color  .

633    6'3"  # 3  3 pc.
694    6'9''  # 4  3 pc
733    7'3''  # 3  3 pc.
734    7'3''  # 4  3 pc.
735    7'3''  # 5  3 pc.
804    8'0''  # 4  3 pc.
805    8'0''  # 5  3 pc.
806    8'0''  # 6  3 pc.  


This model is the finished up but the blanks they are equal to the other rods. Its style remembers that of a true queen. All the ferrules on the ferrules are made in nickel-silver worked to hand and the reel seat it is in English walnut.

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