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After so many years of experience I was able to develop personalized models that, at least in my opinion, may better respond to a new modern-style casting, though always retaining the peculiar characteristics of bamboo.
All my models boast a progressive action slightly shifted to the tip, they represent a most pleasurable experience and guarantee a certain quickness at the same time.
Rods can come in two or three pieces, depending on the model, and they can be with or without a double tip.
It is my personal opinion that this material grants its best results in 7 to 7.6 inches models, considering 8 inches as the furthest acceptable limit. Within this range you are to expect the best weigh/power/action.


This set of rods has been especially created for narrow streams and small spaces covered with branches.
Light, quick and precise, they are ready to fish even within a short range. Natural blond shade with light green wrappings and darker green tips. On the first and last wrapping I added another red edge.
Reel seat in tiger maple and metal components in polished nickel-silver alloy.

6'6''  # 3  2 pz.
6'6''  # 3  3 pz.
6'9''  # 4  2 pz.
6'9''  # 4 3 pz.

Extraordinary model, ideal for trout-fishing in torrents where utmost precision and speed are required. Thanks to its good power reserve, it won't give way even with longer distance throwing.
Natural blond shade with amber wrappings and black tips, all metal components in polished nickel-silver alloy, snakes and tip top (hard chrome), reel seat (precious olivetree wood).

7'0''  # 3  2 pz.
7'0''  # 3  3 pz.
7'0''  # 4  2 pz.
7'0''  # 4  3 pz.
7'3''  # 4  2 pz.
7'3''  # 4  3 pz.


This model is amongst my favorites, being a highly versatile rod that you can use in all of Italy's streams. It shows a good and surprising power reserve that enables you to fish even at a long distance.
Natural blond shade with traslucent wrappings and black tips . Reel seat carved in tiger maple , all metal components in darkened nickel-silver alloy, black snake guides and tip tops.

7'6''  # 4  2 pz.
7'6''  # 4  3 pz.
7'6''  # 5  2 pz.
7'6''  # 5  3 pz.
7'9''  # 5  2 pz.
7'9''  # 5  3 pz.


Beautiful rod to be used in any stream, both for dry and wet fly. The action is powerful yet pleasant, also for far-reaching throwing.
Natural blond shade, with browny orange wrappings and black tips, reel seat in cherry wood and all metal components in darkened nickel-silver alloy. Black snake guides and tip tops.

8'0''  # 4  2 pz.  
8'0''  # 4  3 pz.
8'0''  # 5  2 pz.
8'0''  # 5  3 pz.
8'3''  # 5  3 pz.
8'3''  # 6  3 pz.
8'6''  # 5  3 pz.
8'6''  # 6  3 pz.

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